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Work With Me


I work with clients in person, on Zoom or over the telephone.


During the foundation session we review several tools you will complete in order to determine your health and wellness vision and how your personal story impacts that. We work toward a comprehensive wellness plan, set preliminary goals and discuss accountability and self-monitoring.

In follow-up sessions we review the specific action steps you took that week and how you are progressing towards your goals.

20-Minute Initial Consultation

​I offer all prospective clients a complimentary 20-minute consultation to learn about your health and wellness goals, explain the coaching process in more detail, answer any questions you may have, and determine what kind of support you need.

New to Coaching: 1-Month Package

The one-month package is perfect if you are new to health coaching and just want to try it out. This package includes one 60-minute foundation session and three 30-minute weekly regular sessions. 

Committed: 3-Month Package

The 3-month package is designed for clients who have specific health goals. We start with a 60-minute foundation session. Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes each week.

Transformational: 6-Month Package

The 6-month package is appropriate for clients who are just starting on their health journey and have one or more chronic conditions they want to address. This might include losing weight, improving lab results, resolving food sensitivities, etc. As in the 3-month package, we start with a 60-minute foundation session. Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes each week.

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are offered on a customized basis to meet the overall goals of your group or a group formed by a practitioner. Please contact me to discuss options.

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