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Apps I Use

App AnyList.png


AnyList was started by former Apple software developers. My family and I use this app for shared grocery lists, as well as storing all our favorite recipes and weekly meal planning. 

App FoodKeeper.png


Ever wonder how long something is good after you open or how long certain leftovers last? FoodKeeper is the solution! 

App InsightTimer.png

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the leading meditation apps. I haven't even come close to sampling the wide variety of meditations and workshops offered. Right now I am enjoying playing sleep meditations with background music as I drift off to sleep. I definitely sleep more soundly on those nights.

App Melt Method.jpg

MELT Method

The MELT Method® is a gentle self-treatment technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce persistent pain while easing the mind and restoring overall wellbeing. I subscribe to MELT on Demand which provides endless videos of exercises using the MELT Method Soft Roller and the Hand and Foot Treatment kit with different sized balls.

App Peloton.png


Peloton probably does not need an introduction. We got ours during the COVID-19 pandemic like many others when you couldn't go to group spin classes. I continue to use it because a lot of days I'm just not up for a difficult 60-minute spin class, so I love the variety of class lengths on the app. I also enjoy the strength training and stretching classes.  

App Thrive Market.png

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a membership-based online health food store with a mission to make healthy food affordable to all, even those on limited budgets. Using the app makes it so easy to add items to your cart as you run out of them and then make your purchase when ready (which for me is when I have enough in my cart to qualify for free shipping)!

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