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Books I've Read

Book The End of Alzheimer's Project.jpg

The End of Alzheimer’s Program

I lost my mom to Alzheimer's Disease in 2013, so I am passionate about understanding this disease in more depth and incorporating lifestyle factors to help prevent it. This book helps do that. Dr. Dale Bredesen, an expert in neurodegenerative diseases, proposes that Alzheimer's Disease may have a variety of causes and that depending on the cause, different personalized lifestyle plans can help prevent and in some cases even reverse cognitive impairment. 

Book The Disease Delusion.jpg

The Disease Delusion

This book is essentially the bible of Functional Medicine. Written by Functional Medicine pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Bland, The Disease Delusion dives deep into our seven core physiological processes and then guides you in developing your own personalized health-management plan. 

Book The Pegan Diet.jpg

The Pegan Diet

Written by one of my favorite Functional Medicine experts, Dr. Mark Hyman, The Pegan Diet gives you 21 practical principles for designing a diet that takes the best aspects of the paleo diet (good fats, limited refined carbs, limited sugar), and combine them with the vegan diet (lots of fresh, healthy vegetables).

Book Superfuel.jpg


If you are as confused about dietary fats as I was - think saturated, trans, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, Omega-3, Omega-6, fish oil, etc., this is the book for you. SuperFuel explains all of that and helps you design a diet that includes fats that can resolve inflammation, increase longevity, and fight or prevent chronic illness.

Book Why We Get Sick.jpg

Why We Get Sick

I bought this book after listening to author Benjamin Bikman on a podcast. He does a fantastic job explaining insulin resistance - what it is, what causes it, and how to identify it many years before it shows up in today's standard labwork done at your annual physical. He goes into detail about the best type of exercise and foods to eat to prevent insulin resistance.

Book Younger You.jpg

Younger You

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is someone I recently became familiar with as an instructor in several of my classes at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Younger You is based on the groundbreaking study that shaved three years off a subjects' biological age in just eight weeks. Dr. Fitzgerald explains DNA methylations and shows what type of food and lifestyle program can reduce your biological age and increase vitality.

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