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Health Coaching

In a nutshell, health coaches help people make changes that are hard to make. Maybe you’ve received instructions from your doctor to change some part of your lifestyle to improve your health. Or maybe you want to have more energy, stop having stomach issues, feel less stressed about work, or sleep better. There are always ways to improve our health, but sometimes deciding exactly what to do, how to it, and how to stick with it, is hard.


That’s when a health coach can help. A health coach is trained to:

  1.  Recognize your strengths

  2.  Uncover your values, purpose and meaning so the hard work will be worth it

  3.  Ask a variety of open-ended questions and then listen carefully to your answers,  guiding you to self-discover the most effective ways you can implement long-lasting changes to improve your health.

Health coaches also provide education and clarification about complex topics. Most importantly, a health coach is there to support you in your health journey and celebrate your successes along the way.

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