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Meal Prep and Refrigerator Clean-Out

Some weeks I do all my grocery shopping and meal prep on Sundays. That is my ideal. This was not one of those weeks. This week I did laundry, taxes and business stuff on Sunday, so I had to pivot. I was able to find a couple hours Monday afternoon between work and an evening meeting, so I did a quick version of meal prep and refrigerator clean-out to get us through the week. The first 45 minutes was spent going to the grocery store.

My haul from the grocery store.

Then I wiped down the shelves of the refrigerator and discarded a few things that had gone bad (something I am trying to minimize). Next I turned to meal prep. I washed the berries, browned the ground bison, hard-boiled and peeled six eggs, drained and rinsed a can of kidney beans, and washed and chopped a variety of vegetables.

My clean and organized refrigerator.

I am not cooking from recipes this week. We will have simple dinners combing protein and vegetables. Lunches will be salads easily thrown together with the pre-cut veggies and kidney beans or hard-boiled eggs. Breakfasts will be yogurt with berries and granola. It won't be a week of fancy meals, but they will be nourishing and quick to prepare. Some weeks that is good enough!


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